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Censusing and Monitoring the Species and Habitats of Coastal Maine

Sedges of Maine - limited number of new copies available

We currently have a limited number of these out-of-print guides available, that we are making available for $100 each, with the proceeds to help us with the production of the Grasses and Rushes of Maine Field Guide.  We expect the Grass and Rush guide to be available for sale in another couple of years, after it has been fully developed and reviewed.  We appreciate your support of the production of this new guide by purchasing the Sedge Guide.  Sedge books available on a first-come, first served basis, and will be sold until our limited supply of the first printing runs out.  Check out the Products page to get your copy of the Sedges of Maine guide.  We expect the second print run of the Sedge Guide to be available in November 2016.