Maine Natural History Observatory

Censusing and Monitoring the Species and Habitats of Coastal Maine

Maine Bird Atlas 2018-2022

   The Maine Bird Atlas is a collaborative project between the Maine Natural History Observatory, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Maine Audubon, and Biodiversity Research Institute to create the second comprehensive Bird Atlas for Maine.  The project will be run over five years (2018-2022) and will engage the efforts of numerous volunteers.  The initial focus of the project will be on Maine breeding birds with efforts to map distribution and abundance of species in every corner of the state.  The first Maine bird atlas project spanned from 1978-1983 and focused solely on the breeding birds of Maine.  The new Maine Bird Atlas will duplicate and expand upon that earlier work, giving conservationists not only a complete guide to Maine bird species but also an opportunity to track how populations have changed.  This will help determine conservation priorities for years to come.

Ways to support the Maine Bird Atlas

  • Sponsor a Species

A great and fun way to support this landmark project is to Sponsor a Species.  Each of Maine’s 224 breeding bird species have been divided into sponsorship levels ranging from $30-$2,000 and are available to sponsor for each year of the project.

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  •   Merchandise

The Maine Bird Atlas store on CafePress features a wide selection of women's and men's apparel and gear emblazoned with the Maine Bird Atlas logo. 

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