Maine Biota Project

An Online Guide to the Natural History of Maine
The Maine Biota Project is an interactive online resource curated by the nonprofit Maine Natural History Observatory. The goal of the Maine Biota Project is to catalog all living species in Maine and to maintain comprehensive, up-to-date, online lists of species. With this project we hope to promote interest in Maine natural history, curate the observations of citizen scientists, and be a resource for conservationists hoping to gain a clearer picture of the current status of Maine species.

History of the Maine Biota Project

In early October 2020, a local naturalist approached Maine Natural History Observatory (MNHO) about taking over curation of a website used to collect comprehensive lists of all Maine species. This website (called the Maine Natural History Project) had begun as a way to curate lists of species found on Mount Desert Island but was being expanded by the same individual to include the whole state. MNHO jumped at the chance to continue this important work (now called the Maine Biota Project).

How to Contribute to the Project

If you find an organism living in Maine (or in the ocean immediately adjacent to the coast and the nearby islands), please go to the appropriate list and see if that species has been reported. If it hasn't been reported, we want to know about it! If it has, photographs, observations, and questions that will enhance this project are welcomed. If you have a working species list for all or part of Maine, we would love to include it.

Contact Glen at with any and all questions or contributions. Credit will be given to submitters, or, if desired, information can be posted anonymously.