Order Lagomorpha of Maine
(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia)

(updated 23 August 2020)

Order Lagomorpha - hares, rabbits, and pikas
Maine is home to 2 species in 2 genera in 1 family. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Leporidae (2 genera, 2 species)
      Lepus americanus - snowshoe hare
      Sylvivagus transitionalis - New England cottontail

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Lepus americanus (snowshoe hare) - Lepus (genitive leporis) is the Latin noun (masculine, third declension) for hare. It is much more common to find the scat (image below center) of a snowshoe hare than to see the animal. The fallen white pine (Pinus strobus) in the image provided shelter and food (note the absence of bark on several branches) for at least one snowshoe hare during the winter.
   Tracks (image below right) (and sometimes scat) are often the only way most people can tell that a snowshoe hare has been in the area. And unless they are familiar with the way a hare travels, they may get the direction backward. The front feet land first and then the hind feet travel past where the front feet had landed. So, this hare was traveling toward the top of the picture.
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Sylvivagus transitionalis (New England cottontail) - [information to be added]