Rodents of Maine
(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Rodentia)

(updated 12 July 2020)

Order Rodentia - rodents
Maine is home to 15 species in 13 genera in 5 families. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Muridae (4 genera, 5 species)
      Clethrionomys gapperi - southern red-backed vole
      Peromyscus leucopus - white-footed mouse
      Peromyscus maniculatus - deer mouse
      Rattus norvegicus - Norway rat
      Synaptomys cooperi - southern bog lemming
   Dipodidae (2 genera, 2 species)
      Napaeozapus insignis - woodland jumping mouse
      Zapus hudsonius - meadow jumping mouse
   Castoridae (1 genus, 1 species)
      Castor canadensis - American beaver
   Sciuridae (5 genera, 6 species)
      Glaucomys sabrinus - northern flying squirrel
      Glaucomys volans - southern flying squirrel
      Marmota monax - woodchuck
      Sciurus carolinensis - eastern gray squirrel
      Tamias striatus - eastern chipmunk
      Tamiasciurus hudsonicus - red squirrel
   Erethizontidae (1 genus, 1 species)
      Erethizon dorsatum - common porcupine

Castoridae ([common name])
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Castor canadensis (American beaver) dam at outlet of Lower Breakneck Pond and lodge (behind).

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Sciuridae ([common name])
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Sciurus carolinensis (eastern gray squirrel) is relatively more common in built up areas (e.g., lawns and parks).
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Tamias striatus (eastern chipmunk)

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Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (red squirrel) is a common resident of the spruce-fir forests of Maine.

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Erethizontidae ([common name])
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Erethizon dorsatum (common porcupine) - (lower left) at the edge of a carriage road in Acadia National Park; (lower right; photo by Sharon Knopp) skeleton in woods behind Sand Beach at Acadia National Park.
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