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Sedges of Maine - A Field Guide to Cyperaceae

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By Matt Arsenault, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Don Cameron, Alison C. Dibble, Arthur Haines, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber.

Sedges are important components of Maine's biodiversity and natural heritage. Over 25% of the sedge species in Maine are of conservation concern, yet sedges are ubiquitous in many habitats across the landscape. Proper identification of sedge species is an essential component of ecological studies such as wetland delineations, wetland functional assessments, natural resource inventories, site suitability assessments, ecological characterizations, land conservation value evaluations, and rare species surveys and habitat assessments. Sedges of Maine is a photographic guide to all species, subspecies, and extant hybrids in the Cyperaceae family that occur in Maine.

Guide Includes: An informative introduction, extensive keys, detailed descriptions, a glossary of botanical terms, a thorough index, over 1,000 full color photographs.  712 pages.

MNHO led the effort to compile and publish this full color field guide to the Sedges of Maine.  Collaborators included Stantec, Maine Natural Areas Program, New England Wildflower Society, and researchers at University of Maine.

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