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Plants of Baxter State Park

The extensive natural landscapes and wild character at Baxter State Park provide a diversity of learning opportunies for its visitors.  Visitors can experience habitats ranging from northern hardwood forests to boreal tundra in a single day at the park.  People are curious about what plants can be found at the Park, and often ask if there is a list or field guide to the plants that occur there.  Park staff note that there is neither a list (a flora), nor a field guide, and they have identified developing a flora as a management need.  Park staff and the privately organized Friends of Baxter State Park also recognize that a field guide to the plants of the park is an educational, informational, and recreational tool that is long overdue.  Through this project we will assist the Park in developing a flora, and we will use the resulting flora, including information on plant habitats, distribution, and photography as the first step toward developing a field guide.  Our project objectives are to:  1) conduct background research on previous floristic work conducted in the Park; 2) complete floristic surveys of representative Park habitats, especially less-explored areas such as lower-elevation wetlands and forests, and roadsides where invasive plants might be colonizing, and take digital images of Park plant species; floristic surveys will include a component of voluntary assistance from some of the state's leading botanists; 3) develop an annotated database of plant species with habitat and disbribution information for Park managers; and 4) produce a field guide, The Plants of Baxter State Park.

Progress to date:
• Completed field inventory of vascular plants in Baxter State Park between 2010 and 2014
• Over 850 species of vascular plants were detected
• Over 10,000 photographs of plants were taken within the Park
• Field Guide is now published and available for sale on our website