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Cockroaches of Mount Desert Island

(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Hexapoda, Order Blattodea)

Cockroaches of Maine

Cockroaches of Mount Desert Island

Below is a working list of Mount Desert Island’s cockroaches.
Family Genus Species Authority Common Name Source (full citation given below this table)
Blattidae Blatta orientalis L. Oriental Cockroach Bar Harbor: Procter (1946, p. 36., "grocery store")
[see note 1 below]
Blatella germanica (L.) German Cockroach town not given: Procter (1946, p. 37., "present in very large numbers owing to unsanitary conditions in some places")
[see note 1 below]
Nyctibora laevigata (Beauvois) ? Southwest Harbor: Procter (1946, p. 37., "market ... probably introduced on bananas" [see note 2 below])

1. Proctor (1946) placed this species in family Blattidae.
2. Procter (1946) added a question mark after this species.

Procter, William. 1946. Biological Survey of the Mount Desert Region, Part VII. Philadelphia: Wistar Institute.

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