Maine Biota Project

Amphibians of Maine

(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Amphibia)

Below is a working list of Maine’s amphibians.
Order Family Genus Species Authority Common Name Source (full citation given below this table)
Caudata Proteidae Necturus maculosus (Rafinesque) common mudpuppy Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 33–36, 213.
Caudata Ambystomatidae Ambystoma laterale Hallowell blue-spotted salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 37–43, 213.
Caudata Ambystomatidae Ambystoma maculatum (Shaw) spotted salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 44–48, 214.
Caudata Salamandridae Notophthalmus viridescens (Rafinesque) eastern newt Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 49–52, 214.
Caudata Plethodontidae Desmognathus fuscus (Rafinesque) northern dusky salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 53–55, 215.
Caudata Plethodontidae Eurycea bislineata (Green) northern two-lined salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 56–58, 215.
Caudata Plethodontidae Gyrinophilus porphyriticus (Green) spring salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 59–61, 216.
Caudata Plethodontidae Hemidactylium scutatum (Temminck and Schlegel in Temmick and Schlegel) four-toed salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 62–, 216.
Caudata Plethodontidae Plethodon cinereus (Green) northern redback salamander Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 66–70, 217.
Anura Bufonidae Anaxyris americanus (Holbrook) American toad Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 73–78, 217 (as Bufo americanus).
Anura Hylidae Hylaeus versicolor Sanders gray treefrog Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 79–84, 218 (as Hyla versicolor.
Anura Hylidae Pseudacris crucifer (Wied-Neuwied) spring peeper Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 85–89, 218.
Anura Ranidae Lithobates catesbeianus (Shaw) bullfrog \Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 90–93, 219 (as Rana catesbeiana).
Anura Ranidae Lithobates clamitans Latreille in Sonnini de Manoncourt and Latreille green frog Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 94–97, 219 (as Rana clamitans.
Anura Ranidae Lithobates palustris (LeConte) pickerel frog unter et al. (1999); pp. 98–100, 220 (as Rana palustris.
Anura Ranidae Lithobates pipiens (Schreber) northern leopard frog Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 101–106, 220.
Anura Ranidae Lithobates septentrionalis (Baird) mink frog Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 107–110, 221 (as Rana septentrionalis.
Anura Ranidae Lithobates sylvaticus (LeConte) wood frog Hunter et al. (1999); pp. 111–118, 221 (as Rana sylvatica.

Hunter et al. (1999) = Hunter, Malcom L. Jr., Aram J. K. Calhoun, and Mark McCollough (eds.). 1999 (second edition). Maine Amphibians and Reptiles. (ISBN 0-89101-096-3)

Thank you to Bruce Connery, Rina Grierson, Ruth Gortner Grierson, Scott Grierson, Carol Muth, Lise Wallace, Emma Walsh, and Pam Walsh for their contributions to this page.