Field Journal: Maine Natural History Observer

Our field journal, Maine Natural History Observer, is available to all current MNHO members.  It provides insights and observations on the natural world, information on our latest research, projects to participate in, a look at natural history observations in the state 75-100 years ago, and interesting facts about Maine natural history.  Become a MNHO member (for as little as $10) to get a one-year subscription to the Observer.

The Observer also includes “Notes from the Field” - an exciting opportunity for MNHO members to submit their own observations of the natural world.


How to Submit a Field Note:

  • Choose a short title and tell us your name, the date of your observation, and the town and county in Maine where the observation took place.
  • You may submit photos, sketches, or species lists with your note.
  • Field Notes may not exceed 500 words (although species lists may exceed this limit).
  • Email your Field Note to:


Subject Matter for Field Notes May Include:

  • Notable species observations or expansions into new areas.
  • Interactions between humans and nature that illustrate a conservation issue.
  • Descriptions of a rare ecological process, event, or interesting behavior.
  • Reflections from an amateur or “backyard” field study.


Who Can Submit a Field Note?

At this time we are only accepting Field Note submissions from current MNHO members. 




You can unsubscribe from the Observer at any time by emailing