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When to Submit Field Notes

Field Notes are accepted on a rolling basis all year round. 

Deadline for materials for Spring issue: February 28th

Deadline for materials for Fall issue: September 1st


How to Submit a Field Note

  • Email your Field Note to Glen at
  • Choose a short title and tell us your name, the date of your observation, and the town and county in Maine where the observation took place.
  • You may submit photos, sketches, or species lists with your note.
  • Field Notes should be under 500 words (contact us if you need more).  Species lists may exceed the 500 word limit.
  • (Optional) Let us know if you want us to include your email address with your byline.  Sharing your email allows readers to contact you with questions or suggest collaborations.


Scope and Topics

Submit short writings about natural history observations in Maine.  Topics may include (but are not limited to)...

  • Notable species observations or expansions into new areas.
  • Interactions between humans and nature that illustrate a conservation issue.
  • Descriptions of a rare ecological process, event, or interesting behavior.
  • Reflections from an amateur or “backyard” field study.

Is there a new beetle eating your garden that you haven't seen in your area before?  Do you have additional information about something published in a previous Observer?  Have you noticed a new plant species popping up along one of your favorite trails? 

We would love to hear about it!

Don't write off your observations because you don't know what the species is or you're new to observing the natural world.  We're all learning!  Asking questions and recording observations is how science progresses. 


Who Can Submit a Field Note?

Anyone can now submit Field Notes for inclusion in the Observer! 

If you submit a Field Note and aren't a current member of the Observatory, we will send you a link to the issue your Field Note appears in.  If you want to continue receiving new issues of the Observer after that or you want access to the Observer archives, you need to become an Observatory member.

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Contact Us

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