Field Journal: Maine Natural History Observer


The Maine Natural History Observer is the online natural history journal of Maine Natural History Observatory.  It provides insights and observations about the natural world, information on the latest research, projects to participate in, tips on how to identify confusing Maine species, a look at natural history observations in the state 75-100 years ago, and interesting facts about Maine natural history.

The observations made by amateur and avocational naturalists in their own backyards and during their travels through the state are a huge resource for furthering natural science in Maine.  The Observer aims to serve as a platform for naturalists of all experience levels to connect, share, and expand upon their collective knowledge about Maine biota. 

The Observer is a great resource for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn more about Maine species.
  • Read accounts of new observations and species shifts across the state.
  • Get tips for how to identify the most commonly confused species.
  • Learn about the latest Maine-based citizen science opportunities. 
  • Explore historic natural history observations.
  • Find recommendations for apps, field guides, and other resources that are used by professional field biologists every day.


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