Plants on Maine Islands: Interactive Map


This map is the culmination of decades of Maine island vascular plant data from published lists, unpublished lists, and herbarium vouchers by numerous botanists, plus all of the field work done by Glen Mittelhauser and Observatory staff over the last 30 years.  To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive snapshot of what is known about plant distribution on Maine islands available at this time. 

Note: This map only includes species found on small islands and not species that are only found in the interior of the larger islands in the region (e.g., Mount Desert Island, Isle au Haut, Deer Isle, Swans Island, and Vinalhaven).

There is still work to be done to fill in the gaps on these data.  Our work thus far has focused on the islands from Muscongus Bay to the Canadian Border.  We hope to add data from more islands in the mid-coast and southern Maine in the future.  Please contact us if you have a plant list for a Maine Island that you think could help expand this project. 


How You Can Help

If you have a list of plant species from an island not already covered in this map, please contact Glen (  We would love to assess it for inclusion in this project.

You can also help Maine island plants by donating any amount the the Maine Plants Fund.  Just click the donate button at the bottom of this page and selecting "Maine Plants Fund."  Thank you!



Abbott Island (79-837, Steuben) Great Wass Island (79-512, Beals) Old Man (East) (79-313, Cutler)
Allen (63-840, Saint George) Green (Huckleberry) (59-590, Brooksville) Old Man (West) (79-298, Cutler)
Anguilla Island (North) (79-574, Jonesport) Green (Large) (63-655, Matinicus Isle Plantation) Opechee (59-350, Swans Island)
Ash Island (63-404, Owls Head) Green (Little) (63-654, Matinicus Isle Plantation) Otter (63-183, Vinalhaven)
Babbidge (63-036, North Haven) Green Island (59-478, Swans Island) Outer White (65-278, Boothbay)
Baker (59-318, Cranberry Isles) Green Island (59-877, Stonington) Parker Island (79-264, Lubec)
Bald (59-803, Deer Isle) Green Island (79-929, Milbridge) Parker Island (Little) (79-218, Lubec)
Bald Porcupine (59-197, Gouldsboro) Greening (59-268, Southwest Harbor) Peak (59-774, Deer Isle)
Bald Rock (next to Sally) (59-036, Gouldsboro) Greens (63-157, Vinalhaven) Penobscot Island (63-093, Vinalhaven)
Ballast Island Ledge (79-488, Jonesport) Halifax Island (79-570, Jonesport) Petit Manan Island (79-933, Milbridge)
Bar (59-194, Gouldsboro) Harbor (59-400, Swans Island) Pickering's (59-682, Deer Isle)
Bar (59-265, Mount Desert) Harbor (63-701, Friendship) Pinkham Island (79-787, Milbridge)
Bar (63-802, Saint George) Hart (63-833, Saint George) Pirates Island (79-229, Trescott)
Bar (Inner) (59-040, Gouldsboro) Hat (59-412, Swans Island) Pirates Island (79-230, Trescott)
Bar Island (near Ship) (59-244, Tremont) Hay (63-638, Saint George) Pirates Island (79-231, Trescott)
Barge (East) (59-342, Tremont) Hay Island (63-169, Vinalhaven) Placentia (59-438, Frenchboro)
Barge (West) (59-343, Tremont) Head Harbor Island (79-500, Jonesport) Pleasant (63-647, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township)
Barter (63-807, Saint George) Heart (59-811, Deer Isle) Plummer Island (East) (79-619, Addison)
Barton (63-109, Vinalhaven) Heron (59-069, Winter Harbor) Pond (59-064, Winter Harbor)
Battle (59-584, Penobscot) Heron (59-480, Swans Island) Pond Island (59-347, Frenchboro)
Beach (59-687, Deer Isle) Hickey Island (79-561, Roque Bluffs) Pond Island (59-677, Deer Isle)
Bear (59-791, Deer Isle) High (63-422, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Pond Island (79-912, Milbridge)
Bear (Big) (59-925, Deer Isle) High Island (63-569, Saint George) Potato (63-150, Vinalhaven)
Big Babson Island (59-921, Brooklin) Hog (59-010, Gouldsboro) Pulpit Rock (79-576, Jonesport)
Big Garndem (63-509, Vinalhaven) Hog (59-929, Brooklin) Ragged Island (63-930, Criehaven Township)
Big Nash Island (79-626, Addison) Hog Island (79-241, Lubec) Ram (55-605, Harpswell)
Big Smith (63-086, Vinalhaven) Horse Head (59-770, Deer Isle) Ram (59-596, Brooksville)
Bill's Island (63-208, Isle au Haut) Hurricane (63-528, Vinalhaven) Ram (59-966, Stonington)
Birch (63-428, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Hurricane (Little) (63-518, Vinalhaven) Ram Island (59-410, Swans Island)
Black (59-352, Swans Island) Indian (63-319, Rockport) Ram Island (59-651, Castine)
Black Island (59-132, Bar Harbor) Inner Baker Island (59-409, Swans Island) Ram Island (79-552, Machiasport)
Black Island (59-437, Frenchboro) Inner Sand Island (79-614, Addison) Roberts (Little, West) (63-175, Vinalhaven)
Black Island (63-700, Friendship) Ironbound (59-182, Winter Harbor) Roberts Island (Big, East) (63-174, Vinalhaven)
Bois Bubert Island (79-824, Milbridge) Isle au Haut (63-230, Isle au Haut) Roque Island (79-475, Jonesport)
Bradbury (59-771, Deer Isle) Islesboro (77-012, Islesboro) Saddleback Island (59-972, Stonington)
Brimstone (Large) (63-176, Vinalhaven) Jed's Island (59-136, Blue Hill) Sally Island (79-836, Steuben)
Brimstone (Little) (63-179, Vinalhaven) Job (77-074, Islesboro) Sally Island (outer, next to Bald Rock) (59-037, Gouldsboro)
Brothers (West) (79-587, Jonesport) John's (59-483, Swans Island) Sand Island (59-880, Stonington)
Buckle (59-375, Swans Island) Jordan (59-012, Winter Harbor) Sand Island (Outer) (79-617, Addison)
Burnt (63-013, North Haven) Jordans Delight (79-922, Milbridge) Scabby Islands (North Big) (79-553, Machiasport)
Burnt (63-625, South Thomaston) Kimball (63-221, Isle au Haut) Scabby Islands (South) (79-554, Machiasport)
Burnt (63-880, Saint George) Knight Island (79-669, Jonesport) Schoodic (59-062, Winter Harbor)
Butter (59-776, Deer Isle) Lamp Island (59-346, Frenchboro) Scotch Island (79-350, Cutler)
Calderwood (63-032, North Haven) Lane (63-149, Vinalhaven) Scrag (59-788, Deer Isle)
Campbell (59-923, Deer Isle) Lasell (63-331, North Haven) Seal (63-923, Vinalhaven)
Carvers Island (63-166, Vinalhaven) Libby Island (North) (79-359, Machiasport) Seal Rock (79-700, Beals)
Chance Island (79-277, Machiasport) Libby Island (South)(Little) (79-360, Machiasport) Seal Rock N Island (79-698, Beals)
Compass (59-790, Deer Isle) Lime (77-078, Islesboro) Sears (77-011, Searsport)
Conary (59-922, Deer Isle) Little Bois Bubert Island (79-926, Milbridge) Seavey (63-566, Saint George)
Cranberry (63-760, Friendship) Little Camp (59-887, Stonington) Seven Hundred Acre (77-054, Islesboro)
Crane (63-705, Friendship) Little Cranberry (59-313, Cranberry Isles) Shabbit Island (79-416, Addison)
Cross Island (79-347, Cutler) Little Deer (59-729, Deer Isle) Sheep (59-348, Swans Island)
Crotch (59-841, Stonington) Little Duck (59-439, Frenchboro) Sheep (59-943, Deer Isle)
Crotch (63-497, Vinalhaven) Little Gott Island (59-436, Tremont) Sheep (63-018, North Haven)
Crow (59-321, Cranberry Isles) Little Hardwood Island (79-662, Jonesport) Sheep (63-136, Vinalhaven)
Crow (63-651, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Little Hurricane (63-626, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Sheep (63-393, Owls Head)
Crow Island (59-448, Frenchboro) Little Moose Island (79-325, Trescott) Sheep Island (59-039, Gouldsboro)
Crumple Island (79-696, Beals) Little Ram Island (79-600, Beals) Sheep Island (79-835, Steuben)
Curlew Rock (79-697, Beals) Little River Island (79-304, Cutler) Sheep Porcupine (59-195, Gouldsboro)
Dble Head Shot Islands (North)(Inner) (79-351, Cutler) Little Sheep Island (79-515, Jonesport) Ship (59-341, Tremont)
Dble Head Shot Islands (South)(Outer) (79-352, Cutler) Little Spruce Island (79-481, Jonesport) Shipstern Island (79-906, Harrington)
Dog Island (79-112, Eastport) Long (59-637, Blue Hill) Shoppee Island (79-566, Roque Bluffs)
Double Shot Island (North) (79-577, Jonesport) Long Island (59-451, Frenchboro) Sister (Western) (59-411, Swans Island)
Double Shot Island (South) (79-580, Jonesport) Long Island (79-242, Lubec) Smuttynose (81-182, Kittery)
Dumplings (63-351, North Haven) Lower Negro (59-552, Castine) Spectacle Island (79-132, Eastport)
Dyer Island (79-767, Harrington) Man Island (79-655, Jonesport) Spoon (Great) (63-287, Isle au Haut)
Eagle (59-793, Deer Isle) Mannings Farm (79-695, Beals) Spoon (Little) (63-289, Isle au Haut)
Eastern Island (79-843, Steuben) Marblehead (63-403, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Spoon Ledge (63-011, North Haven)
Eastern Mark (59-956, Stonington) Mark (59-835, Stonington) Spruce (59-974, Stonington)
Egg Rock (59-301, Winter Harbor) Mark Island (79-493, Jonesport) Sprucehead (63-374, South Thomaston)
Egg Rock (79-605, Beals) Marsh Island (79-567, Jonesport) Stave Island (59-180, Gouldsboro)
Egg Rock (North) (79-935, Milbridge) Marshall (Big) (59-981, Swans Island) Stone Island (79-356, Machiasport)
Ensign (Northeast) (77-075, Islesboro) Marshall (Little) (59-470, Swans Island) Sugarloaf (59-775, Deer Isle)
Fisherman (63-402, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Mason Ledge (59-481, Swans Island) Sutton (59-269, Cranberry Isles)
Fisherman Island (79-694, Beals) Mathews Island (79-128, Eastport) Swan's Island (59-413, Swans Island)
Flagg (63-632, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) Matinicus Island (63-903, Matinicus Isle Plantation) Ten Pound (63-920, Matinicus Isle Plantation)
Flat Island (59-014, Winter Harbor) Matinicus Rock (63-940, Criehaven Township) The Brothers (East) (79-573, Jonesport)
Flat Island (79-621, Addison) McGlathery (59-967, Stonington) The Brothers (Middle) or (West) (79-586, Jonesport)
Flint Island (79-903, Harrington) Merchant's (63-212, Isle au Haut) The Hop (59-200, Gouldsboro)
Flye's (59-752, Brooklin) Metinic (63-584, Matinicus Isle Plantation) The Ladle (79-632, Addison)
Fogg (63-264, Isle au Haut) Milliken (59-125, Bar Harbor) Thomas (59-162, Bar Harbor)
Folly (59-233, Mount Desert) Mink (63-085, Vinalhaven) Thompsons (59-thom, Trenton)
Fort Island & Little Fort (59-826, Stonington) Mistake Island (79-673, Jonesport) Three Bush (59-980, Swans Island)
Foster Island (79-551, Machiasport) Monhegan (65-317, Monhegan Island Plantation) Thrumcap (Southern) (65-267, South Bristol)
Franklin (63-707, Friendship) Monroe (63-392, Owls Head) Tibbett Island (79-628, Addison)
Friendship (63-754, Friendship) Moose (59-831, Stonington) Tinker (59-242, Tremont)
Garden  (59-372, Swans Island) Moose (Little) (59-063, Winter Harbor) Treats Island (79-115, Eastport)
Garrison (63-735, Friendship) Mosquito (63-577, Saint George) Trumpet (59-340, Tremont)
Gay Island (63-790, Cushing) Mount Desert Rock (59-561, Frenchboro) Turtle (59-065, Winter Harbor)
Goose (59-749, Brooklin) Mouse (63-330, North Haven) Two Bush (63-653, Saint George)
Gooseberry (59-969, Stonington) Nash Island (79-627, Addison) Two Bush (63-901, Matinicus Isle Plantation)
Gooseberry Island (59-398, Swans Island) Nathan's (63-213, Isle au Haut) Upper Flag (55-415, Harpswell)
Gooseberry Island (North) (79-219, Lubec) Ned Island (59-066, Winter Harbor) Verona (59-570, Verona Island)
Gooseberry Island (South) (79-226, Lubec) Nipple Island (79-499, Jonesport) Vinalhaven (63-160, Vinalhaven)
Graffam (63-634, Muscle Ridge Shoals Township) No Mans Land (59-977, Stonington) Virgin Island (79-498, Jonesport)
Great Cranberry (59-270, Cranberry Isles) No Mans Land (63-900, Matinicus Isle Plantation) Water Island (79-671, Jonesport)
Great Duck (59-440, Frenchboro) North Haven (63-080, North Haven) Wescott Island (59-591, Brooksville)
Great Gott Island (59-435, Tremont) North Twinnie (59-160, Bar Harbor) Western Ear (63-244, Isle au Haut)
Great Spruce Island (Big) (79-480, Jonesport) Norton (63-550, Saint George) Whitehead (63-554, Saint George)
    Wooden Ball (63-917, Matinicus Isle Plantation)
    Wreck Island (59-898, Stonington)
    Yellow Head (79-290, Machiasport)
    York (63-280, Isle au Haut)