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Field Guide to Grasses and Rushes of Maine

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The Field Guide to the Grasses and Rushes of Maine by Glen H. Mittelhauser, Matt Arsenault, Don Cameron, and Eric Doucette is a comprehensive and user-friendly photographic guide to all grasses and rushes (family Poaceae and family Juncaceae) found in Maine. This guide is deliberately non-technical and designed to be useful to novice and experienced botanists alike. 

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Pages: 737

Published by: University of Maine Press (Orono, Maine)

Year: 2019

ISBN-13: 9780891011293

ISBN-10: 0891011293

"This book is everything you would want in a guide! Excellent photographs, keys, detailed anatomical/character descriptions, discussion of similar species, and key features and comparisons of genera..." -Courtney Kerns


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