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Why Owls and Why Now?


Of all Maine birds, owls are among the most difficult to study. Not only are owls secretive and nocturnal, but the best time to go listening for many of them is in late winter.  Even common owl species often go undetected, but the status of Maine’s rarer owls (Northern Saw-whet, Boreal, and Long-eared Owls) is almost completely unknown. This gap in information puts potentially important habitats at risk of alteration, degradation, or destruction.  Maine's rare owls are best surveyed at night, February through April, in remote regions of the state. Because of this, many regular bird surveys overlook and under-report owls that are present.

Learn More About Maine Owls


Watch the presentation by David Brinker and Logan Parker on owl monitoring in Maine (February 23, 2022)




Long-eared Owl by Chris M. Neri

Northern Saw-whet Owl by Lance Benner