Maine Owl Survey: Volunteering


Owl Playback Surveys

Surveys are conducted by volunteers and Observatory staff.  If you are interested in volunteering, read on!  Help from folks who can travel to remote, Boreal habitats is especially welcome.

The map below shows areas (colored blocks) prioritized for owl surveys over the next couple of years.  Some additional blocks will be added to the map as we assess possible owl habitats and get more information about road access.


Taking Part

Adopt a Block

Explore the priority blocks to conduct owl playback surveys in the map below. Volunteer to cover a purple or blue block by filling out THIS FORM


Orange = Highest Priority Boreal Sites

Dark Purple = High Priority Boreal Sites

Dark Blue = High Priority Sites

Light Blue = Medium Priority Sites

Green = "Covered" Block




Use the links below to download the Owl Playback survey protocols and the playback recording to use during those surveys.

2023 Survey Protocols

2023 Playback Recording

Any questions - get in touch with Logan Parker ( or Glen Mittelhauser (