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Wildflowers of Maine Islands: The Downeast and Acadia Coasts

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Author: Glen H. Mittelhauser

This field guide is the culmination of six years of work collecting and curating existing data on the eastern coast of Maine and additional field surveys on 14 offshore islands to fill in the gaps.  It is designed to facilitate easy identification of over 200 species for both beginner and experienced botanists and includes a glossary, tabular and photographic keys, species descriptions and distribution info, updated synonymy, and features over 1,300 full color photographs.  The guide includes all wildflowers that occur on the Maine coast between Muscongus Bay and the Canadian border (Knox, Waldo, Hancock, and Washington counties). 

392 pages

Published by University of Maine Press, 2021

ISBN-13: 9780891011323

ISBN-10: 0891011323


"...illustrations are beautiful, but they are someone's interpretation of the plant, not a photograph of the plant itself. This works for many people, but I need the photo to show me the plant up close (flowers and leaves), and in context within its environment.  Mittelhauser's book does both beautifully..." - Beth


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