Maine Nightjar Monitoring

Want to help us monitor nightjars, owls, and other nocturnal birdlife on moonlit summer nights? The Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project is seeking new volunteers! Maine’s nightjars, the Eastern Whip-poor-will and Common Nighthawk, are experiencing declines throughout their breeding ranges. Anecdotal reports indicate significant declines in Maine in recent decades. You can help us gather the data needed to inform their conservation here in Maine.

The Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project was launched in 2017 to gather data on the population trends and distribution of Maine’s nightjars and other crepuscular and nocturnal birds. We are seeking new volunteers to help us conduct surveys along monitoring routes in nightjar habitat throughout the state during the 2019 field season. Routes would need to be run once at sunset and once during a moonlit night during the whip-poor-will breeding season.  

Contact Logan Parker at to learn more about the project or to adopt a route.


Photo by Logan Parker


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