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Job Description: Breeding Bird Atlas Point Count Technician 2020

Employer: Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (temporary)

Maine Nightjar Monitoring

Want to help us monitor nightjars, owls, and other nocturnal birdlife on moonlit summer nights? The Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project is seeking new volunteers! Maine’s nightjars, the Eastern Whip-poor-will and Common Nighthawk, are experiencing declines throughout their breeding ranges. Anecdotal reports indicate significant declines in Maine in recent decades. You can help us gather the data needed to inform their conservation here in Maine.

Grass and Rushes of Maine Shipping out

The Maine Grass and Rush field guide has arrived.  We will be picking up cases of books tomorrow.  Pre-ordered copies will get shipped out in the order received, with the first books getting put in the mail on 1/24, although it may take a couple of days to get all pre-orders packaged up and mailed.  We assure you that it will be worth the wait....

Grasses and Rushes of Maine publication update - January 2019

The books have been delayed getting through customs in New Jersey, with the government shutdown.  As of 17 January 2019, we have got word that the books are now through customs and are expected to arrive in Maine after a short delay.  Publisher does not expect them to be in hand early next week, but expects them to be in fairly soon.  I will publish a blog post on the day they arrive and we start shipping the pre-order books.  Thank you for your patience!

Sponsor a Species for the Maine Bird Atlas

Looking for a last-minute gift for the nature lover in your life? Consider giving the gift of wildlife conservation by sponsoring a bird species through the Maine Bird Atlas!

Grasses of Maine update - October 2018

Saw the printer proofs of the Maine Grass Guide and Rush earlier today, and everything is looking very good.  Delivery date for the guide to arrive in Maine is scheduled for January 20th. As long as there are no unexpected delays with customs or trucking to Maine, we will be shipping off the pre-orders the day these arrive!  Thanks for your patience!

Field Guide to Grasses and Rushes of Maine

There has been a delay at the publishers this winter, and the Field Guide to the Grasses and Rushes of Maine is expected to be back from the printer by this fall or winter.  Thank you for all of the pre-orders for this field guide.  We have been processing these pre-orders and will send out the field guide as soon as they are back from the printer.

Job Description: Breeding Bird Atlas Point Count Technician

Employer: Maine Natural History Observatory

Location: Sites across Maine

Country: United States

Last Date to Apply: January 20, 2018

Employment Dates: 14 May – 3 August (12 weeks)

Maine Bird Atlas - Volunteers Needed!

Sign up form:     The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is pleased to announce the 2018-2022 Maine Bird Atlas! This project will map the distribution, and often abundance, of bird species in Maine with an initial focus on breeding birds (atlasing of Maine's wintering birds will begin by late 2018).


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